Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Diabolical Cinema

Diabolical Cinema
(why are there two of those?)

Blog One.

A furlough away from something forgotten, wasn’t really a furlough to begin with.

So other than sleep deprivation, I’ve been surviving summer. The last month of my life has been quite a burr considering that I had a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. The graduation phase. Now, believe me when I say that I’m not the overwhelmed-worry-wart-type but I did happen to stumble upon a lot of responsibility, most of which self-inflicted.

No details are necessary because even though I could insinuate that I’d already said this story too many times, concluded cliché- I’d just be ranting. Some people don’t have a problem with that, but I have little taste in talking about myself, especially if this isn’t one of my notorious introductions. So- fast-forward to present circumstance! Eh, talk of the denouement isn’t that interesting anyway. **insert polite chuckle**

I saw the most recent “X-Men” film recently, “First Class” and might I add that although I’ve never understood the storyline up until now -possibly because I’ve never followed the cinematic meme- the writers and directors did do a fabulous job that exceeded my expectations, *side note that my previous standard (for X-Men) was that the only thing good about it would be the CGI.

So what if they butchered Charles Xavier’s whole strategy-tragedy of the wheelchair effect- the next movie, he’ll be walking again. Because if you’ve noticed the timeline between “Origins” and beyond, you’ll notice that not only is Charles older, but somehow he can magically walk, hobble, pivot, perform “Thriller” if given the chance.

Back to plot.
Hugh Jackman’s two-word role was a happy disparage and a preposition.
The only two black people in the film were either evil, or were murdered. Pick or choose- I’d choose to fake the evil and work behind the scenes as a spy misinterpreted as the dark side /slash/ Magnet-head’s little henchman. Speaking of the guy- who ever came up with the idea of Magneto? SERIOUSLY. That was by far the worst stage name you could ever come up with.

I guess it’s better than having Tracey Morgan take your role in a parody about Drake Bell’s dragonfly-transformation. I’m not saying that every Leslie Nielsen movie is bad, I mean, have you seen “Dracula: Dead and Loving it” MASTERPIECE I tell you!

Haha- and I totally didn’t take another little week long “furlough” just there. That explains why the entire purpose of this review is cut off in the middle of my blog. Sort of like the “Diary of Anne Frank.”

I seriously gotta lay off the Nazi jokes…