Friday, September 30, 2011

I Ate Sushi Out of a Dark Corner.

So today was Friday.

Dreama, my Native American friend, born from a hippie, and irrefutably a hipster (although she denies it), had weeks ago planned to take us out for sushi. Jessie, her untitled, ethnically Asian boyfriend with fierce Korean pop-star hair was her crafty accomplice.

And the story begins here. So we secretly snuck away from our other companions and met up in front of the Art building of my educational facility prison. For the most part, we remained unseen as we ventured further and further away from the crowd.

Joseph and Berto, my two old pals since kindergarten were the only others that came with us. Deviously.

Sure along the way, since we walked, we ran a few green lights, and scared some old folks by accident... but we managed to make it safely -and hopefully in one piece- to Japan House, our sushi homestead.

Actually, I for one had never been to this place. It was a little unpromising from the outside, judging by its suburban location behind a second-hand music store. Or so my opinion was bias.

Hoping with optimism that this would be a cool experience (forgive me for the adjective) we entered the restaurant loudly. After that, funny, I noticed we five hoodlums were the only customers in the shack.

I'll mention that I was impressed, the decor very contemporary... subtle neutral colors, clean.

At this point in the story, we'd sat down and ordered our drinks after dumping out whatever spare change was in our wallets to buy us some food. Jessie had fifteen or more dollars, I contributed twenty, Joseph and Berto invested about the same, and Dreama coughed up literally a nickel and a few pennies. But after digging through our purses and pockets, surprisingly, we summed a count of sixty-two dollars and eleven cents!

Gradually over time our drinks showed up, a round of Ramune, a coke, and a sprite. The sushi curtains leading into the kitchen were becoming unbearably annoying as they flapped into my face every time a slight breeze would pick up mysteriously inside the building...

We ordered a few rolls from the classic, middle-aged, Asian waitress who usually on most occasions cannot speak English. A few relapses later and one or more revisions to our order, the waitress left out table. After that, the party of five, talked about the usual. Mundane topics like, "Lovely weather we're having, eh?" weren't in the picture, but we did end up talking about our previous schools and old friends.

Jessie and Dreama got to hear about Joseph, Berto, and I growing up together as near siblings. We'd come from private school, and although sheltered, it really was the best thing that could've happened to us, coming from a non-menial perspective.

After telling some stories and waiting for the paint to dry, our meals finally arrived one by one. We each got about one or two rolls from whatever plate was placed in the center of the table so that all of us could try something different.

This was Berto's first time at sushi. BLASPHEMY!!! You can't be American without having sushi at least once in your life. You haven't lived until you've had sushi. How could you survive culinary school without ever tasting the sweet, sweet spice of sushi! Man, I didn't know how he did it!

But the past is the past, my friends. And I caught that first bite on camera. Flipping out my video recorder at just the right time, I taped Berto's actions as he slowly drew his chopsticks to his mouth, clenching the California roll delicately between the two wooden sticks. His expression was expected, but not quite the epitome of sushi-bliss and euphoria of the taste-buds. I'm not really sure if he was digging it.

I think... he was... confused? The texture too much?

It was a California roll. You can't go wrong giving that to an amateur.

I wanted him to try the Kappa Maki cucumber roll- but NOOOO... somebody doesn't like cucumbers! Who doesn't like cucumbers?

But anyways, we all loved the sushi. I tried new things, he tried new things, we all found something to our taste in the end, even though everything was spectacular.

The thing I learned, well... I already knew this... but moral of the story, never judge a book by its cover, and never judge a sushi-bar restaurant by the hobos sitting outside the threshold.

Why did I eat sushi out of a dark corner restaurant, blocked by an ally more or less filled to the brim with scary hobos and heroin-junkies? Why did I take the risk of seafood poisoning? Because curiosity is a funny thing when you add hippies and California rolls together. It creates a masterpiece of a hell of a good time.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Uncanny Italians.

I ordered the Fettucinne, and the hardest decision one can make at that point is this:

Red sauce? …or Alfredo?

And of course, the waitress always has to pressure and humiliate you during your indecisiveness.

End of story.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Facebook Fiat... or Fiasco?

Yes, the battle between good, evil, and Mark Zuckerberg’s satanic establishment. Not that I have anything against Facebook, but when something crawls out from under the couch and quickly takes over the entire internet, you know it’s the work of Russian spies…

Just kidding on that part, but really- has anyone noticed how insidious this website is? In our computers, our phones, offices, portable devices… it’s everywhere. Beats me, but if by somehow a ninja assassin pops out of nowhere and thinks, “Hey, I should take over the world.” Well- we’re pretty much just as screwed as a census taker when Hannibal Lecter gets hungry.

In other news today, I learned how to properly spell Severus Snape, life accomplishment, oh yes. In fact, it was so great, that I posted said Harry Potter exploit on Facebook as today’s most interesting status. Not as macabre as usual, unfortunately… but certainly it did suffice by means of comical aspect.

Some former posts of mine… and then some:

So you see, all trends begin with something… I think I’ve come up with an idea for my next blog.

No- it won’t involve Hannibal Lecter. I’m sorry to disappoint you. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Diabolical Cinema

Diabolical Cinema
(why are there two of those?)

Blog One.

A furlough away from something forgotten, wasn’t really a furlough to begin with.

So other than sleep deprivation, I’ve been surviving summer. The last month of my life has been quite a burr considering that I had a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. The graduation phase. Now, believe me when I say that I’m not the overwhelmed-worry-wart-type but I did happen to stumble upon a lot of responsibility, most of which self-inflicted.

No details are necessary because even though I could insinuate that I’d already said this story too many times, concluded cliché- I’d just be ranting. Some people don’t have a problem with that, but I have little taste in talking about myself, especially if this isn’t one of my notorious introductions. So- fast-forward to present circumstance! Eh, talk of the denouement isn’t that interesting anyway. **insert polite chuckle**

I saw the most recent “X-Men” film recently, “First Class” and might I add that although I’ve never understood the storyline up until now -possibly because I’ve never followed the cinematic meme- the writers and directors did do a fabulous job that exceeded my expectations, *side note that my previous standard (for X-Men) was that the only thing good about it would be the CGI.

So what if they butchered Charles Xavier’s whole strategy-tragedy of the wheelchair effect- the next movie, he’ll be walking again. Because if you’ve noticed the timeline between “Origins” and beyond, you’ll notice that not only is Charles older, but somehow he can magically walk, hobble, pivot, perform “Thriller” if given the chance.

Back to plot.
Hugh Jackman’s two-word role was a happy disparage and a preposition.
The only two black people in the film were either evil, or were murdered. Pick or choose- I’d choose to fake the evil and work behind the scenes as a spy misinterpreted as the dark side /slash/ Magnet-head’s little henchman. Speaking of the guy- who ever came up with the idea of Magneto? SERIOUSLY. That was by far the worst stage name you could ever come up with.

I guess it’s better than having Tracey Morgan take your role in a parody about Drake Bell’s dragonfly-transformation. I’m not saying that every Leslie Nielsen movie is bad, I mean, have you seen “Dracula: Dead and Loving it” MASTERPIECE I tell you!

Haha- and I totally didn’t take another little week long “furlough” just there. That explains why the entire purpose of this review is cut off in the middle of my blog. Sort of like the “Diary of Anne Frank.”

I seriously gotta lay off the Nazi jokes…

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Short and cute.

Lesson One.

Maybe this is just a prototype....

I understand how many people can so easily sum up a great speech into a single sentence, and I'd wholeheartedly love to do so myself; but some times that's not so easy when you have to consider all of the other exceptions and situations that come along with that one sentence. Writers' original purpose falls in with that statement. "I think chickens are awesome." Well, what kind of chicken? A coward? A bird? A delicious alien from the bottom of the ocean?

You see,

I only make sense -if at all- if you can comprehend what it really means to "mean" something.